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Hi There!

My birth name is Darcel, some people call me that and

some people also call me D, or Darcie.

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My Journey..

Thank you for taking time out of your day and reading a little bit about me! 


     Someday in 2014, a friend dragged me to a yoga class at a local running store and I was so anxious.. because I had no experience, and my last attempt at something new (Zumba) made me feel like a newborn giraffe trying to walk for the first time.

I am not coordinated nor graceful and that is what I  envisioned  yoga to be. Surprisingly I didn't hate it.. I had no idea what the teacher was saying (because I had no clue what the pose names meant), but somehow I got through it.. and something resonated with me.

    As the years flew by, I would take a class here.. a class there. One summer, I started going frequently, 3 days a week frequently. I loved getting that same high I felt while running, where I could let go of all thoughts and worries and just focus on me, that was the best! But I felt like my practice wasn't growing.. I was stuck in these poses that my body could make.. and I needed more. So began my Yoga Teacher Training hunt...

     The universe stepped in and led me to Melanie McQuown, founder of PeaceLab Yoga Shala. A charismatic soul with a sassy attitude, and perfectly coiffed hair. The style of alignment based yoga and community that she grew, was exactly what my soul had been searching for. I was able to learn about the philosophy of yoga, the fundamental breakdown of each pose, and I was able to fill that empty space within myself that had been missing. Oh!, and Melanie was the teacher of that very first class I ever stepped feet in (see... I told you the universe works).


     Yoga helps me feel grounded when the stress of  family, work, exacerbated to-do lists, and scheduling constraints creates so much anxiety, that I feel defeated and deflated. It reminds me that I am important, it reminds me to create space for myself so that I can be the best version of me.

     I love yoga... I am not however someone you will probably ever see on social media doing an advanced inversion, crazy arm balance, or extreme back bend.  I practice to maintain flexibility. I love to run, I love not having to sit in order to put on shoes, and I love when I roll out of bed in the morning ready to kick some butt that my body feels the same!

     After completing my 200hr training with Melanie, and a gentle nudge I started teaching! I found that I love sharing yoga with others. I love how it builds community! Since then I have also  completed my Children & Teen Trauma informed training with Yoga.Ed and Myofascial training with RAD.

     I wanted to create The Yogi Brain, to share yoga and its tools with everyone, especially youth. Sometimes I wonder how my adolescence / early 20's would have been had I been able to understand and use mindfulness and yoga. I would have had the capacity to better manage my emotions, taken the time to notice my thoughts, and how my body was reacting to stress.

I think its super important that we all take care of ourselves; mentally, physically, emotionally. Because each of us are so important!

     And it turns out, yoga is not graceful or coordinated! It can sometimes be hard. It can sometimes be laugh until you cry fun. It can sometimes be just what you needed to fill your soul back up.

I love laughing on the mat, and I still giggle when I get my rights and lefts mixed up. When I am off my mat I enjoy running on the trails, being outside in my garden, spending time with my family, counting down the days to winter, or eating tacos.

And yes I said it.. I love winter -it makes my soul happy.

With Gratitude- D



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect!


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